SRD R350 Reconsideration Or Appeal Latest Updates from SASSA 2023

On December 18th, 2022, SASSA released a media statement regarding the delay of the reconsideration applications or the appeals for applicants who have been declined but did not agree to the decision by SASSA.

In the statement, SASSA admitted the fact that there has been delay in the processing of reconsiderations applications and have reminded applicants that the grant is only available for people that truly qualify but not those who have other sources of income or a means to top up.

Per the statement, during reconsideration, banks of the applicant are contacted to provide applicant’s bank statements or sort of some details of the bank account and together with other sources, means test is conducted.

Accordingly, this has been the major factor why reconsideration applications are delayed because the banks have been very slow in responding to the SASSA’s request for means testing.

But that notwithstanding, sassa is doing everything humanly to resolve all these issues in the best possible ways. They have now called on all affected applicants to exercise patience as they are not sleeping on the job.

The statement also touched on those who chose cash send or ewallet account to either submit their bank account details or being switched to the post office automatically.

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SASSA is asking such applicants to accept this new development because their request to the National Treasury for the renewal of the contracts which allowed SRD R350 grant applicants to be paid through the Cash Send of the partner banks was not not granted yet.

Fortunatley, reconsiderations are currently being approved and payments are ongoing.

As a result of this all ewallet account users have to abide by this latest instruction and use bank account for convenience sake.

According to the report, SMS were sent to these applicants but looks as if most of them have still not responded to the call and have now urged them to speed up the process and get paid accordingly.

To switch from Cash Send or Ewallet to your preferred bank account, go to the website and look for the tab :”How do I change my banking details”? and follow the instructions which is discussed in the link below…

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