SASSA Card Renewal 2023 Guide

If you are a recipient of a SASSA Gold Card, it is essential to know that there is an expiry date on every card, just like any merchant-issued ATM card. This date is usually indicated as mm/yyyy, where mm represents the month and yyyy represents the year. For example, 04/2023 means the card will expire in April 2023, while 09/2023 means September 2023.

Since SASSA pays grant recipients on these cards, it is crucial that they remain active and functional. If your SASSA Gold Card is expiring this year, you need to know how to renew it. Fortunately, SASSA has outlined the procedures that applicants are to follow for renewal, which were announced in March 2023.

The image below shows the SASSA issued procedure that was followed by the those whose cards expired in March 2023.

The renewal process is done only at the South African Post Office (SAPO), and you will need to bring along your ID card and the expired SASSA Gold Card. It is important to note that the renewal process cannot be done at any other location, so you must go to the SAPO.

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When you arrive at the SAPO, you will need to fill out a renewal application form, which is available at the Post Office. You will also need to provide proof of residence and any other documentation that SASSA may require.

Once you have completed the renewal process, you will receive a new SASSA Gold Card with a new expiry date. It is essential to keep your new card safe and secure, as it is the only way you can receive your grant payments from SASSA.

If your SASSA Gold Card is expiring this year, it is important to follow the outlined procedures to renew it. Remember to go to the SAPO with your ID card and expired SASSA Gold Card, fill out the renewal application form, and provide any required documentation. With a renewed card, you can continue to receive your grant payments from SASSA without any disruptions.

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  1. Goodc all
    If i don’t come right on Monday 17th April with renewing my expired card 4/23 at the post office. What happens to my money on the 3rd if May. Do i lose out.
    Carol Botha


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