January 2023 SRD R350 Payment Dates and Status Check

Beginning this year, January 2023, applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant are expecting their payments for the month.

But as it has been the norm, the month must be appeared on the dashboard and be pending after which approvals will begin in batches.

From unofficial sources close to SASSA, January 2023 payments will start after 18th January 2023. But before then it has to be pending and approvals with pay dates follows through.

Last month of December 2022, there were about 4 batches who were approved with payment date.

Currently, if you you check your status, you may not see the January 2023 appearing although others are claiming that you can reconfirm for January 2023 to appear.

But, you don’t need to reconfirm but when SASSA finally rolls out or update the system all applicants will begin to see their January pending.

But for now, you only have to wait as SASSA returns from the holidays.

January 2023 SRD R350 Payment Dates and Status Check
January 2023 SRD R350 Payment Dates and Status Check

Some applicants claim that their January 2023 is already appearing although not confirmed.

Checking your January 2023 SRD R350 grant status and payments dates, follow this link https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status

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  1. I don’t understand the factor that am being declined but I don’t work I don’t why they say I have an income but why you so cruel guys

    • I also have that problem since last year march I don’t know why nd this year January I didn’t get it nd I get February nd march I didn’t receive it I just receive April

    • What must i do because i never received my R350 since January this year up until March. And there are still outstanding balance of last year. Please help.


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