Hurray, August 2022 SRD R350 Officially Rolled Out

To those who have reconfirmed already, this might not be any good news or breaking news as theirs are already showing.

But for those who have not reconfirmed but seeing their August 2022 showing will come as a surprise to them since there were impressions that if don’t reconfirm August 2022 will not appear.

But the truth is that, SASSA official position is that starting August 2022 there has been amendment in the framework governing the payments arrangements for the SASSA SRD R350 grant.

One of the amended laws was that applicants no longer required to reconfirm their existing applications after three payments or every month.

To be sure of this, SASSA has even updated their message on their official website where they have changed from “reconfirm” to update.

This is a clear indication that something positive is happening, because this reconfirmation was a major problem fir most applicants and were likely to be denied.

What the new updates seek to do is to allow applicants to update their responses if they feel necessary as their financial circumstances may change over time.

Now when you check your status regardless of whether you reconfirm or not, August 2022 is pending waiting for approval or declined or whatever.

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Meanwhile, August payments are delayed as we are already getting to the end of September. But we hope that, August approvals and payments will start starting Monday September 19 2022.

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