Complete Govchat app to manage sassa application, status and forms 2023


Govchat app is an online service provider for government services in South Africa. Their main aim is to help digitize most government agencies services that can be done online in 2023.

In the heat of the application of the reinstated SASSA SRD R350 grant, the official website of Sassa was congested because of hundreds of thousands of applications were being loaded.

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The GovChat app service was later integrated into the SASSA database to help reduce congestion at the application platform.

Through this app, applicants could apply, check status or even submit bank account information.

Govchat app for SASSA Application and Forms

With the GovChat app, any applicant can submit their application by filling out the online application forms. With a very simple interface asking for Full Name, ID number, Address, unemployment status, education level.

To apply for the reinstated SRD R350 using the GovChat app, below are the steps :

  • Visit the website
  • You will be asked to verify your account by entering your cell phone number. An OTP 4 digit code will be sent to your phone, enter into the space provided, sometimes, you may be redirected to the main page to begin the registration.
  • Check the “I’m not a robot”
  • Click on the “LOGIN” button
  • When the page is loaded fully, click on SASSA, then click on Apply for SASSA Grants and choose SRD.
  • Click on Create New Form button, however if you have an account already, just enter the reference number that was received when you first created the account. Otherwise, if you are new then go ahead and fill the online form.
  • Accept the conditions namely ” I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions found below” and the “I have read and agree to ‘How the grants work’ found below“. All these documents are accessible on the page if you so wish to read.
  • In the spaces provided, the filling of the form starts from here. Enter your First Name, Surname, select your Citizenship Status. If you choose South African as citizenship status then enter your South African 13-digit ID number.
  • A reference number will generated, write carefully somewhere as you will need it later to check your srd R350 status. There are other few items to fill like your residential address.
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Govchat App Login

As a digital service provider, they make sure your online account is safe, therefore, before you can use their services, you have to login into the Govchat app. You only need the phone number that was used to register. Just logon to

Use Govchat app to check SASSA SRD status 2023.

It has to be noted that, before you can use the govchat platform to check your srd status, you should have first applied using the app, otherwise, there’s no that is possible. So for those who used the official SASSA srd website to apply cannot use this to check status.

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To check your status, login into your account. You will be asked for the reference number (the alphanumeric 6- digit code) you received during the initial registration. Unfortunately, this platform cannot give further details of your application status compared with the official platform. Here, the status will only be pending, approved or declined without any further information. For further information regarding your status, you are advised to follow these instructions: “How do I check my SRD Status

Govchat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is linked with GovChat so that SASSA SRD R350 grant applicants can start their application or check their status. To use the WhatsApp to start the application process and later continue on the GovChat app, send “Hi” or “SASSA” to the number 08000 and follow the screen instructions and enter the corresponding digits to the queries that matches your request.

One of the good reasons for Govchat platform is the integration with WhatsApp and you can use it to check your status.

Govchat on Facebook 2023

What would you expect from a company that is more open to renovations, GovChat is also integrated into Facebook messenger and you can click on this link GovChat Facebook .

Just as was done on Whatsapp, something similar is done with GovChat on Facebook messenger. Just send hi to the messenger handle, and the system will give you option to choose from

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It has to be noted that, GovChat is not only available for sassa services but has other features which anyone can benefit from.

govchat app download

Govchat does not have its own standalone app that can be downloaded from either Google Play Store or Apple app store.

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